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Ep 83: Mixed Bag

Whats happening you animals??? the js are back with another episode!!! this week we talk about random topics we off the top of our big noggins. Come listen to what your boys gotta say. Laugh, cry and tell your mother about us. Episode available on Itunes, and 


Ep 82: Wrong Place Wrong Time

Whats going on people the Js are back for episode 82 of the podcast. Have you ever been in the wrong place wrong time and it just never worked out? Don Provolone and Thanos talk about sticky situations when exactly that has happen. Come listen to some free funny and advice we have to offer on Itunes,, and youtube.  Please as always like, subscribe and share it to your mom


Ep 74: F**k The Friend Zone

Whats happening people the Js are back after taking a 2-week hiatus to polish our grundles aka work our normal day jobs.  But hey we are back with another episode of the podcast this week and going nowhere. Episode 74 is about the worst thing next to getting a 4-inch splinter inside your crack the FRIEND ZONE. We don't care if your Juan Done De Marco himself every man knows what it's like being in the friend zone. Come hear what the Js have to say about that dungeon. Episode available on Itunes, and everyone else.  Thanks for listening please like,  and subscribe. 


January 24, 2018  

Ep 69: Interview With A A RON

What’s happening people?!!!! The js are back with another banger of an episode. Episode 69 We interview one of the coolest cats around and he goes by the Name of Aaron aka A A RON. Aaron is a long time graphic designer/computer animator in the movie industry. He has worked on some of the biggest movies in box office history. One of the biggest titles he has worked on was Captain America: Civil War.  Come listen to the js shoot the breeze with him and learn a thing a two!!

January 2, 2018  

Ep 66- Interview With Ravishing Rick

Happy new year animals, The Js are back with our 1 year anniversary episode aka 66!!!!!. This week we talk several different topics with our homie Spencer aka Ravishing Rick. Come check us out while we talk about Trump, Marriage, Movies and a splash of BS. Available on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

September 27, 2017  

Ep 54- Treat Her Right(With Baby Oil)

What’s going on people, The Js are back with another episode of chillen with the js podcast. This weeks episode goes out to all the special ladies out there. We talk about rubbing behins with baby oil but also how The Js treat their women and pretty much how all men should treat their women to keep a long-term relationship strong. Come check us out on iTunes, YouTube for video and please Like, Subscribe and Share!!!! 

May 16, 2017  

Ep: 31- House of Pain

What’s going on people? Chillen with the J's Podcast is back with another hilarious episode. Recorded on mother’s day so Happy Mama's day to all you moms out there. This episode is about the man's point of views on what it is it like to live with a woman. We talk some Pros and Cons of co habitation with the ones we call females.  Episode available on ITunes and everywhere else. Please like subscribe and share. 

March 16, 2017  

Ep:19 Entertainment Clasico 5 Feat K JO

What’s going on people?!!?? Chillen with the J's is back with another episode of Entertainment Clasico.  We talk about video games, movies and just a wave of whatever bullsh**it we feel like.  We are joined by the lady behind Juan. Shout out to Katie to the JO for joining us for this episode. She works in the gaming/movie animation industry so we pick her brain. Shes worked on HUGE titles like Call of duty, Witcher 3, Injustice 2 and many others. Her company worked directly with John Snow from GOT as well