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February 14, 2018  

Ep 72- Migraines and Movies

What’s going on people the js are back with another episode!!! This week Don Provolone is under the weather, but the show must go on. We are all over the place on this episode.  We talk about migraines, GRUNDLE, Black Panther and how the big guy was invited to a private screening of the movie. Come check out the randomness for yourself. Available on iTunes, and everywhere else. 

January 24, 2018  

Ep 69: Interview With A A RON

What’s happening people?!!!! The js are back with another banger of an episode. Episode 69 We interview one of the coolest cats around and he goes by the Name of Aaron aka A A RON. Aaron is a long time graphic designer/computer animator in the movie industry. He has worked on some of the biggest movies in box office history. One of the biggest titles he has worked on was Captain America: Civil War.  Come listen to the js shoot the breeze with him and learn a thing a two!!

January 2, 2018  

Ep 66- Interview With Ravishing Rick

Happy new year animals, The Js are back with our 1 year anniversary episode aka 66!!!!!. This week we talk several different topics with our homie Spencer aka Ravishing Rick. Come check us out while we talk about Trump, Marriage, Movies and a splash of BS. Available on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

December 21, 2017  

Ep 65-A Js Holiday

THE JS ARE BACK!!!!! BACK AGAIN!!!Welcome to episode 65 where the Js break down what we do for Christmas. Shout OUT to everybody that celebrates hauanaka, or kwanzaa for damn sure. Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood brohams. Check us out on iTunes, YouTube and everywhere else for some free laughs. 

November 22, 2017  

Ep 62- Bad Ass Flicks

What's poppin amigos, the J's are back with another episode to let you know! What do you get when you combine Bad and Ass? Hector Vorhees and Alex Cono hittin you with what they think makes a movie, or even a story, bad ass. Do you need all that emotion? Do you need to pause the action and say a joke to make the character likeable? Is Hector Vorhees even related to Jason Vorhees?? Find the fuck out you sons of people!

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October 25, 2017  

Ep:58- Don Provolone&Chacho McPhresh

What’s going on people the Js are back with another episode of chillen with the js podcast. This week we keep it basic and just literally chilled with the js. come check out a random cluster of bullshit we talk about this week. Episode Available on iTunes, YouTube and pleas like, review, subscribe and share!!!

September 19, 2017  

Ep 53- Hurricane No Power

THE JS ARE BACK!!!! We were forced to take a hiatus due to that bitch hurricane Irma. This week we talk about the aftermath of Irma, no power, arguments and sweating. Prayers go out to anyone that was effected by the hurricane especially our Caribbean people.  Nothing we talk about this week can compare to what are island brothers went through. Come check us out on iTunes, YouTube and Please Subscribe, Review and Share. 

August 29, 2017  

Ep: 51- You Don’t Fight You Don’t Talk Feat Triple Deke

What’s going on people??? The Js are back with another episode and man this episode was fire aka Fuego. We bring the man himself onto the podcast and he is the triple deke aka deacon aka Mr. Krav Maga Sean Sterling. This man has received more shootouts than anyone else and we thought it was time we have him on. We talk all kinds of BS ranging from Karate Kid to Destiny 2 back to Mayweather and McGregor. Come check out what the Deke has to say and it’s a lot more than Gordon Bombay. Check us out on iTunes, YouTube and Please Like, Subscribe, Share and drop us a review thank you!!!!!

June 6, 2017  

Ep 34: Romanians and Kites

What’s going on people????? The Js are back with another banger of a episode. This episode is about a sensitive topic of immigration and what it really means to the Js. We bring a longtime friend of ours which we call boob a 2nd generation Romanian. We pick his brain on the Romanian life style and what it took for his father to enter the U S of A. Come check us out. Please Like, Subscribe and Share. We are on iTunes and everywhere else.

May 11, 2017  

Ep 30: Entertainment Clasico 7

What’s going on people? Chillen with the J's just dropped the hammer with episode 30!!! We are back with another episode about movies, games and whatever else we felt like flapping our beaks about. Shout out to Big island AKA Juan one of the cohosts of Chillen with the J's podcast for doing some of the Visual Effects for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2!!!! For that reason alone, make sure you listen to this episode and check out the movie. Available on ITunes and everywhere else. Please like, subscribe and share