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February 7, 2018  

Ep71: AIn’t Nothin’ but a G Thang

What's poppin people?! The J's are back to crushing the game - and so should you! This week, the J's talk to Gautama Murcho, a Visual Effects industry veteran and world traveler with an eye for photography. G talks about how him and one of the J's became bros, and where life has taken him. Let's just say - it's a place you've wanted to go. 


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Ep 60-Not Just Cheeseburger Type of Cats

welcome to episode 60 of chillen with the js podcast!!! this week we talk FOOD. If we as humans didn’t get fat or health issues we would be tearing through Calzones and Burgers not giving a damn. But sorry it isn’t like that you gotta watch out for your Physique. Come hear what the Js Consume on a daily/weekly. Available on iTunes and YouTube for your viewing pleasure. 


Ep 36: Valhalla Of Gaming

What’s going on people? The Js are back for another episode on a topic we love to talk about which is gaming. This week as everybody should know is E3. E3 happens every summer and is a smack upside the head of the world to tell us all about gaming that are coming out this year and next.  Come check out of our review in progress of what’s happening in E3. Check us out on iTunes and everywhere else. Please like, Subscribe and Share.


Ep 35: Gaming Or Business?

The J's are back with another banger of an episode.  Episode 35 is about one of our favorite topics of ours which is gaming. We play them because we love them but we also hate them at times who doesn’t? Most gaming company’s now a day’s release games that are just not done to merely get their sales numbers up. Come check out what the Js have say about the trend we see way too often! But don’t get it twisted we still love our gaming. Please check us out on iTunes and everywhere else.   


Ep 23: Entertainment Clasico 6

The games! The movies! And most important, the J's talkin about both of them shits. We talk Destiny 2, Project Scorpio and randomly Eve Online. Jay touches on Power Rangers and Juan keeps it real classico with Allied. Getcha laugh box ready. 

March 9, 2017  

Ep 17: Current Events Pt 2

Chillen with the Js is back with part 2 of Current Events as promised.  Come check out what your friendly neighborhood brohams have to say about some topics that popped out to us this week.