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Ep 63- Clash Of The Titans

What’s going on people the Js are back from a 2-week hiatus and straight tearing down food for thanksgiving.  This Episode the big guy and Don Provolone join forces in FLA for a bunch of random bulls**t. Ranging from Wine, Clubs and throwing football you know the pedigree information. Come check us out on iTunes, YouTube and everywhere else!! 

November 22, 2017  

Ep 62- Bad Ass Flicks

What's poppin amigos, the J's are back with another episode to let you know! What do you get when you combine Bad and Ass? Hector Vorhees and Alex Cono hittin you with what they think makes a movie, or even a story, bad ass. Do you need all that emotion? Do you need to pause the action and say a joke to make the character likeable? Is Hector Vorhees even related to Jason Vorhees?? Find the fuck out you sons of people!

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November 14, 2017  

Ep 61- The Flux Capacitor is Real

What’s happening people the Js are back with another banger of an episode of chillen with the js podcast!!! this week don provolone and the big cheese talk about Space, and somehow a bunch of other random shit. Are we alone in the universe? how good is your credit? come check out the non-sense on iTunes and YouTube...


Ep 60-Not Just Cheeseburger Type of Cats

welcome to episode 60 of chillen with the js podcast!!! this week we talk FOOD. If we as humans didn’t get fat or health issues we would be tearing through Calzones and Burgers not giving a damn. But sorry it isn’t like that you gotta watch out for your Physique. Come hear what the Js Consume on a daily/weekly. Available on iTunes and YouTube for your viewing pleasure. 

November 1, 2017  

Ep-59 Its a Js Life

What’s going on people, your friendly neighborhood brohams are back!!! Episode 59 we take you through a typical day by day of what the Js do. From working on marvel movies to chillen with a boxer’s bathrobe. Come check us out. Available on iTunes, YouTube, and everywhere else. 

October 25, 2017  

Ep:58- Don Provolone&Chacho McPhresh

What’s going on people the Js are back with another episode of chillen with the js podcast. This week we keep it basic and just literally chilled with the js. come check out a random cluster of bullshit we talk about this week. Episode Available on iTunes, YouTube and pleas like, review, subscribe and share!!!


Ep 57- Children of the corn

Welcome back for episode 57 of chillen with the js podcast people!!! This week the Js talk about the big topic of kids. How we feel about them, do we want them? why we don’t want them and step dad life. Check us out on iTunes, YouTube and

October 10, 2017  

Ep 56- Rapid Fuego part 2

What’s going on people the Js are back with episode 56!! Don Provolone and the Tidal Wave answer some more rapid-fire questions in the only way we know how. Come check it out for some free laughs and maybe even some advice. No clue if the advice is good but hey its free. Available on iTunes, and

October 3, 2017  

Ep 55: Rapid Fuego

what’s happening people?!!! the brohams are back with their weekly episode of fire. First and foremost, prayers and thoughts go out to victims of Harvey, Irma, Maria and Vegas. Crazy world we live in and we are sorry for anyone going through it. Hopefully this week’s Rapid-Fire question episode puts a smile on people’s faces. Jay and Juan tackle some rapid-fire questions the only way they know how with pure BS and Gusto. Check out what the J's had to say this week on iTunes, YouTube and Please like, subscribe and share. 

September 27, 2017  

Ep 54- Treat Her Right(With Baby Oil)

What’s going on people, The Js are back with another episode of chillen with the js podcast. This weeks episode goes out to all the special ladies out there. We talk about rubbing behins with baby oil but also how The Js treat their women and pretty much how all men should treat their women to keep a long-term relationship strong. Come check us out on iTunes, YouTube for video and please Like, Subscribe and Share!!!!